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Johannesburg, South Africa. +27 79 494 5470


Who are we?

The Lady behind the name

Tanya van Aswegen started Chocolate in 2011, growing up with a family that has been involved in the Diamond and Jewellery industry since 1993.


Being happily married and a proud mom of two boys, Family is most important part of her life and therefore she also focuses on the Sentimental side of Jewellery. She focuses on bespoke jewellery as it will be inherited and should last forever. Re-modelling is also one of her favourites, to modernize your jewellery so that you can wear it with confidence.

Developing a passion for the jewellery industry and having a fine eye to detail and dealing with her clients personally, the passion for her work shows in the final product.


One thing she lives by is “Live a life you love”

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