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Johannesburg, South Africa. +27 79 494 5470
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Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Tanya, the owner & founder of CJD jewellery, offers a bespoke service with a huge emphasis on quality, value and making of the custom pieces.

During the design process, we will allow time for discussions and changes, this way you can rest easy knowing that your dream Engagement Ring is on the right path to becoming exactly the way you envisioned it.

Our process works as follow:

Step 1:

Send us details of the ring you desire, Tanya, will then contact you to get all details.

Step 2:

Once the design & quote is confirmed – a 50% deposit is due, thereafter a CAD design process will start (Computer Aided Design) designs for your piece. CAD allows us a 3-D view of your design and we will provide these to you within 8 working days of the consultation.

Step 3:

Once all of the decisions have been made and you are 100% satisfied with the design, we will begin the manufacturing process, Our current turnaround for bespoke commissions is 4 weeks (depending on complexity of design) from confirmation to ring completion.

Step 4:

Once your piece is complete and has been assessed by Tanya, it will be presented to you in our beautiful CJD branded jewellery box, ready to be gifted to the special recipient

We suggest insuring your special piece against loss and general wear and tear. We offer a comprehensive valuation certificate which outlines the specifications of your gemstones for insurance purposes.

We strive for excellence and in turn want you to be happy with your purchase.

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